10 More Days And - The Goal Is Within Reach

The Day of Open Integrations, annual conference of the KING ICT company, will be held at the Antunović Hotel in Zagreb on 20 March 2014.

The ICT industry is one of the four pillars of the National Industrial Strategy In Croatia.
The conference, under the motto "The Goal is within Reach", will be dedicated to the role and contribution of ICT technologies in sustainable economic growth.

  • Mr. Damir Novotny, the economist of the year, analyses what has happened in Croatian industry, what the trends in Europe are and what the actual perspectives of the National Industrial Strategy are
  • Mr. Gerard de Graaf, director at DG CONNECT, speaks of Agenda 2020 and digital Europe
  • Mr. Boris Žitnik, director of OMNIA Consulta, analyses the major challenges of the ICT industry

We will speak of investment in research and development, of intellectual property, new employment possibilities, the export of high-quality solutions and profitability.

At the round table, the renowned experts and entrepreneurs offered answers to the current issues of the Croatian ICT industry in an open discussion.

We are gathering participants from IT and other industries, as well as state and public administration for the ninth time in order to exchange information, exchange views and messages aimed at the current moment in business and development.



In our always attractive DEMO room, we present the most recent solutions form the KING ICT portfolio.

  • Personal Health Record Solution

A personal health record is a web portal for saving and recording personal health data. Have a look and see for yourself how it works!

  • Documents Can be in Perfect Order (DMS)

Documentation management solutions (a Document Management System) provide faster and more efficient treatment of various kinds of documents. In the demo room, you can see examples of implemented DMS solutions: ePermits – a solution developed for the Ministry of the Economy; document management for all the ministries and the entire state administration in Macedonia, the approval of incoming invoices for the JGL company, central archiving for the Agrokor consortium and a link with the approval process for incoming invoices for the IDEA company (Serbia), a member of the Agrokor Group.

  • New from KING: Integrated Telecommunication and Network Solutions

Corporate communications are transformed into a unique intelligent mobile business system. Users get a solution adapted to their needs, from the start of the preliminary design, through the procurement of all ICT services and products to the implementation of the telecommunication service

  • CRM Solutions for Sales Services

The CRM solutions within the KING ICT portfolio are based on the Dynamics CRM platform.
In the demo room, we are presenting two solutions, one for the automobile industry and a customer care solution on the eKupi (ePurchase) web portal.

  • Unique Sales Planning and Monitoring System

The solution for planning and monitoring the sales plan is an integrated system consisting of the CRM system, a business analysis system, finances, logistics and other corporate services (ERP), a documentation management system (DMS) and a human resources management system (HRM).

  • KING Service Lifecycle – Efficient User Support

KING Service Lifecycle is a solution for web reporting on defects and for receiving support requests. It enables simpler communication between the user and the employees taking care of the reports and faster request processing. In the demo room, you can see how KING Service Lifecycle functions in practice.

  • Satellite Technology Based Solutions

We are presenting solutions for the optimisation of agricultural production, nature conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources, border supervision and increasing the level of national security, the creation of relevant and current physical databases for the control of illegal construction, etc.

  • Mobile Environment Management Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Management is a comprehensive solution for mobile device management, applications and business data in a mobile environment. It provides users with constant access to data, intranet, e-mail and other business applications regardless of the network they connect through and the device they are using, with full device functionality and preservation of the security of corporate data and the internet network access.

  • Advanced Concepts of Network Video Supervision and Video Analysis

The Security Centre of the Genetec company is a unique integration platform connecting the basic video supervision systems via IP technology into one interface, thus significantly simplifying the supervision activities. The combination of this flexible platform and the latest generation network cameras enables a system that fully takes care of the specific security requests of any organisation.