The idea of a “knowledge hub” is visible in every aspect of this year's conference

3rd Edition of Change Conference

The third, and so far, the largest edition of Change conference, gathered more than 400 IT experts, who shared their knowledge and experience during a whole-day program.

In his introductory speech, KING ICT President Plamenko Barišić confirmed the transformation of Change from local to regional conference: “Change has become an IT conference that brings together world experts and regional IT community, a kind of knowledge hub that is available to every member of community and beyond.”

The idea of a “knowledge hub” is visible in every aspect of this year's conference. As in previous years’ editions, the conference has raised key issues related to development of enterprise software, design, business, challenges created by toxic working environment, and what new European copyright protection policies bring.

Human relations are the key aspect of each organization. This mantra was confirmed in the opening speech by an agile expert Juan Castillo (Impraise) who used his extensive experience to give an interesting lecture on the importance of respect: "Do not judge, and remember we are only as good as the people around us," concluded Juan at the end of his talk.

"To understand others, we first need to understand ourselves", suggested Marrian Worthington (Work Warrior), who in the dynamic 45-minute lecture emphasized the importance of fear that prevents us from realizing our desires, ideas and needs. “Get to the corner of your mind that creates a story that prevents you from realizing your ideas. With the help from others, learn to solve personal obstacles and turn fear into something positive," urged Marriane.

Traditionally, some well-known names ensured that the development segment of the conference would be the most eventful: Deepu K Sasidharan (Xebia Labs) who in live demonstration showed how to run JHipster, Viktor Farčić (Cloudbees) presented through a hands-on demo how to realize a continuous deployment on Kubernetes, Ivan Brozović (Bornfight), Muriel Kamgang (AG04) demonstrated the possibilities of persisting data from mobile devices to Realm, Marko Lohert (Ekobit) with a demonstration of Q# language possibilities for quantum computers, and many others. With 29 speakers, for the first time Change has also introduced workshops held by Dalibor Margotić (KING ICT) and Andrej Mlinarević (Prototype).

This year's Change has also raised the issue of regulating and protecting copyright in the European Union. Leina Meštrović, the founder of the Digital DemoCroatia Association, warned of an alarming reform of copyright protection within the European Union, which could, among other things, lead to the ban on hugely popular and entertaining memes. “Copyright Reform is not the only problem. Ahead of us is a major battle for internet neutrality that is taking place in the United States as we speak, and we need to be prepared.”

A renowned tester Michael Bolton closed the conference with a gripping demonstration in front of a large audience, as to why testing in the development cycle is extremely important. “Testing is exploration, experimentation, detection, research, learning and reporting. Whoever tells you differently, do not listen to them,” said Bolton. As part of Change conference, Michael Bolton will hold a three-day “Rapid Software Testing” workshop at the Zagreb Innovation Center.