8th "Day of Open Integrations" Conference of KING ICT held

Original ideas ahead of the competition, multidisciplinarity and extended and focused work are a precondition for success, Prof. Ivan Đikić, the most famous Croatian scientist in the world, said in his lecture on creativity and education given at the Day of Open Integrations conference of KING ICT.

With more than 300 participants from the IT and other industries, as well as the state and public administration, the Day of Open Integrations conference offered a perspective, investment information and financing possibilities using EU funds, ideas and stories better than those that we listen to every day.

This was the goal and main message of the Day of Open Integrations, as emphasized in the opening statement by Plamenko Barišić, President of the Management Board of KING ICT.

The participants of the Day of Open Integrations conference, which was held for the eighth time, were also greeted by the vice-president of the Government, Branko Grčić. With the comment that at the moment there are only four industries on the market generating more than HRK 25,000 of added value per employee – energy, finances, pharmaceutics and the IT industry - Grčić emphasized that Croatia’s entry into the EU is an important event that will change the way of thinking in the Croatian economy. EU funds offer huge possibilities, both minister Grčić and his assistant at the Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds Matija Derk emphasized; Mr. Derk spoke in detail about the preconditions for EU financing and about the fact that at present, , there is a major and very demanding job going on in the background regarding setting the priorities, defining programmes and creating all the necessary documents, which will have a direct impact on our success in using the EU funds in the coming years.

The topic was expanded on by Alen Paić from the OECD, a competitiveness expert heading the OECD investment department in South-Eastern Europe. His presentation was focused on three key issues – direct foreign investment, the status of entrepreneurship and workforce education. Paić emphasized that there are different types of investment – sometimes the investor is looking for a large and solvent market, sometimes for manufacturing competitiveness and sometimes for highly qualified people. The data shows that 70% of investment in Croatia is in finances, trade and services – i.e. these are the investment areas that are primarily interested in the market. The smallest part refers to investment that encourages production and technology transfer, thus creating new jobs.

Creativity and interdisciplinary education in a world in which societies advance in proportion with their investment into education was the topic of the most eminent Croatian scientist in the world, Prof. Ivan Đikić, a special guest of the conference. His lecture attracted considerable attention from the conference participants and Prof. Đikić spoke of the work of his international and multidisciplinary team and of the functioning of the two scientific institutes where he works. Competitiveness and excellence are a path that needs to be followed because it attracts donations, scholarships and other forms of research financing.

Prof. Đikić emphasized that Croatia should be much more committed and devoted to its successful scientists who should have a decisive role in drafting new laws that regulate the field, without the influence of politics, interest groups and election cycles.

The unstoppable trends that change daily life, consumer demand and habits and thus the manner in which companies perform their business, offer and expand their products and services – such as social networks, clouds and mobile technology – were discussed at the conference gathering a number of experts from the IT industry. Mr. Ivan Maglić, regional director of the company Gartner Adriatic / Calisto, spoke on the topic.

At the Day of Open Integrations, the new and extremely attractive project of the company Aquis ZEZ - Znanstveni edukativno-zabavni centar (the Scientific, Educational & Amusement Centre) was presented that already had the support of the competent ministries, the Ruđer Bošković Institute and announcements of a possibility of financing from the EU funds. Such centres in European capitals are hubs gathering young scientists and attracting new generations of future experts. As in other, already confirmed projects of this kind in Europe, this is a place for the popularisation of science that encourages lifelong learning and innovative use of technologies.


The trademark of the Day of Open Integrations of KING ICT is certainly the DEMO room in which a series of interesting IT solutions from KING ICT and its partners are presented in a new and attractive manner.

Thus, the conference participants could see, experience, touch and test solutions that bring numerous savings in energy consumption and in the maintenance of real estate; they also increase productivity in real estate management by as much as 40%. You are only a click away from being shown up-to-date data on the consumption of electricity, gas and water as well as data on equipment condition. You can find out in an instant what the situation is with the lease contracts, which tasks have yet to be done or where there is an "emergency situation". For all this, all you need is a web browser that you can access using a computer or any mobile smart phone.

An accurately designed and implemented concept of a smart home brings major savings and living comfort that far surpasses everything that we have known so far. It was very interesting to get to know all the possibilities and comfort that the smart home management system provides, as well as the possibilities of its integration with other systems in the building.

How do you resolve the challenges of a reliable internet sale payment? The answer is CorvusPay, a card transaction processing system. The system supports all the cards known and accepted around the world - Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, JBC and Discover. The functionality of the Corvus CPS system has been shown in the example of the integration with the eKupi web-shop.

Anyone would be interested in how to efficiently manage documents in the public administration, because this impacts the daily life of all of us. In the DEMO room, one could see what the organised office business of state institutions looks like, how agricultural land is to be managed on the "level of a square meter" and how much time is really necessary to file a retirement request. It was "discovered" how public procurement can be implemented in a controlled way and how to obtain a construction permit more easily. All of it on-line!

Planning business and network safety in a company are two different yet "eternal" challenges for which two solutions were offered in the DEMO room. The first is a unique reporting system enabling the precise monitoring of business plan execution, enabling the management to have insight into the current status. The system improves the planning process, enables multidimensional analysis and shortens the time necessary for gathering information and drafting reports.

Security threats to the IT system can be recognised before anything happens. One can have a direct insight into activities within the IT system and it is possible to conduct efficient research based on the recorded network turnover and recorded safety records.

And if the employees wish to use their private smartphones, tablets or laptops in the business environment, this is easy to approve because there are solutions to keep a safety level and control over business applications. Everyone will feel better. Can your network recognise the difference between “important” traffic such as IP telephony, web approach and online meetings and "recreational" traffic such as games, videos...?

The conference participants were introduced to solutions enabling the analysis and identification of the turnover generated by hundreds of business and other applications, in real time. What is important has been secured – the permeability of the business applications and needs is guaranteed.

Products and services based on satellite technologies have a broad and efficient application serving people and ensuring their safety. In the DEMO room KING’s solutions were presented that have found their role in ARKOD, the agricultural land use records based on which agricultural incentives are paid, and in HAK (the Croatian Automobile Club) where they enable rapid intervention because available assistance vehicles are easy to locate and the optimum route during the intervention can easily be selected.