Back to FOI: A Former Student Represents KING ICT at the 4th Career Day

On Thursday, 28 May 2015, the Centre for Student Support and Career Development of the Faculty of Organisational Studies and Informatics is organising the 4th Career Day called “Tips & Tricks 4 IT Business Geeks”.

In the part of the programme called “Business & IT Career Tracks” former FOI students will share their experiences of studying at FOI and personal career stories after graduation. Among the speakers is Dalibor Margotić, Head of Business Intelligence and Databases at KING ICT.

Dalibor will talk about his job at KING ICT, the projects that he is working on, and the challenges he faces on a daily basis, and thus bring the practical experiences from the ICT world closer to the current students.

Find out more about the 4th Career Day at FOI’s web pages.