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Business Reporting System

Easy access to information that is often found in various places, and a quality reporting system are prerequisites for strategic decision making

Business Reporting System allows the user a unique view of all financial information through a central interface. The system enables fast analytics against large volumes of data through a variety of prepared views.


Business Reporting System enables user:

  • Standardised and ad-hoc reporting
  • Data analysis
  • Dashboards with scorecard and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) components for performance monitoring
  • Business Intelligence (BI) tools for independent creation of analytical reports
  • Access to reports based on the right of access

Solution is intended for all companies that have computerised several business processes of the entire business.


KING ICT implements a self-developed business reporting solution that is based on the KING ICT BI platform.

System uses the Kimball Data Warehouse Lifecycle methodology which for the user means shorter implementation period,
lower initial cost, simple system maintenance, etc.

Safety of access - access rights are defined at the level of the Active Directory, whether it is about accessing the BI portal, OLAP system, or direct access to operational data store and data warehouse.