Change Code - Our very first hackathon

Hugely successful Change Conference prompted KING ICT to launch a new project. We are organizing Change Code - our first hackathon, to be held on Saturday, 21 April 2018 at KING ICT main office.

Why, exactly, hackathon? Our goal is to encourage young and creative students to think beyond the given frameworks, we want to motivate them to tackle the challenges faster and more creatively. That is why KING's Software Solutions Division team set up a task that will present a real challenge even for the brightest ones.

In addition to 24-hour great entertainment and learning opportunities, KING ICT has also secured rich cash prizes: for the winning team HRK 20.000, the runner-up HRK 10.000 and for the team that comes in third HRK 5.000.

A successful team is made up of individuals who encourage each other, respect each other's differences and work together on the solution. The initiators of Change Code are KING ICT's young talents Danka Patafta and Dragutin Dumić, a former participant of numerous hackathons.

'Hackathon is more than a competition! It's an incredible feeling when you figure out what you can actually accomplish with your team in 24 hours. Additionally, a hackathon is an ideal opportunity to learn a lot from mentors and colleagues," said Dragutin, encouraging all interested candidates to sign up for the upcoming Change Code.

Change Code will contribute to strengthening KING ICT's co-operation with educational institutions, primarily universities and colleges. One of the basic goals of the competition is to introduce students to work on complex software projects in industrious teams.

All interested candidates can apply via the official Change Code page. Hurry, because the applications are open until January 26, 2018. Teams consist of four contestants, and each team will need to solve a preliminary assignment that will be released on February 1, 2018. The selected teams will be announced on March 1, 2018.

Change Code Hackathon team is waiting for you! Follow Change Code information on the website, Facebook, KING ICT and Change Code Twitter.