CROW Project Presented During SDI Days

On October 15-16 in the great hall of the Faculty of Geodesy in Zagreb, a conference on spatial data infrastructure - SDI Days took place. The conference was organized by the State Geodetic Administration.

The goal of the conference was to contribute to the development of the NSDI (National Spatial Data Infrastructure) through a presentation of the establishment of infrastructure and a presentation of new projects and knowledge. Also, the conference was organized as a place for the exchange of experiences for all participants involved in the establishment, maintenance and development of the NSDI.

KING ICT took part in the conference with a lecture on the CROW Project - the Croatian Water Central System for reporting to the EU water directives and with a presentation on solutions to establish service spatial data infrastructure, which is to ensure the technological prerequisites for including Croatian Waters in the NSDI.
The lecture was given by Darko Boto from KING ICT and Mario Obrdalj from Croatian Waters.

An especially interesting aspect of the presentation of the CROW project was the Geoportal of Croatian Waters.

The Croatian Waters Geoportal was created as a tool for the visual inspection of the location and attribute accuracy of spatial data before generating the final report for the European Commission. Although this was its original purpose, the links between the "water directives" and the INSPIRE directive were soon recognized and so were the future obligations of Croatian Waters under the National Act on Spatial Data Infrastructure. Thus the Geoportal was further developed as basic infrastructure for fulfilling all the obligations related to the spatial data and a central point of access to Croatian Waters' spatial data.

The Geoportal enables the viewing, overlapping, analysis and sharing of spatial data from different source systems within Croatian Waters. Its functionalities are visualization and the option to display data from external sources via a viewing network service and by adding data from files, the option to print data, share the current cartographic view, the location and data presented, the option to compare data, and to measure and select objects. It is also fully adapted to work on portable devices.