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Customer Relationship Management

CRM makes sales planning and the organisation of targeted marketing campaigns transparent, fast and easy, and also provides quality customer support

CRM solutions represent technological support for operations aimed at developing long term relationships with customers. CRM allows you to collect customer data in one place and continually update it. The solution is intended for management and representatives of sales, marketing and customer service.


A CRM solution enables the monitoring of sales prices - how much time we spend on each customer, or solutions and services, and what is our related benefit.
Also, the management of customers’ data is easier - all the customer data is in one place and can be imported from a various systems, without duplication.


KING ICT implements CRM solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics technology, enabling easy integration with many other systems such as telephones, e-mail, DMS, ERP and BI.

Selected references

Field Service Management

The Croatian Automobile Club (CAC) introduced a software solution for call centre management and coordination with field employees

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