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DMS in Macedonia's Public Administration

Improving the operational efficiency of public administration institutions and improving the quality of services provided to citizens and the private sector

Implementation of the document and operational management system which will be used by 2,500 employees in 16 state
institutions (ministries and secretariats).


The implementation of the DMS has allowed the introduction of electronic archives into public administration, as well as the electronic exchange of documents through predefined processes that determine the flow of documents, with the employees being responsible for the preparation and approval of these documents.This enables the rapid flow of documentation and information through the operating system, while the individual and overall functioning of the institutions has been improved through the standardisation of work processes. KING ICT realised the deployment, software maintenance, development, and support system.


The implemented solution is the EMC Documentum, set up at the EMC Documentum xCelerated Composition Platform (xCP). It is a unified system that is designed for use in multiple institutions. It is possible to manage the work and the administration of the document management system, as well as the content and business processes from any location using a web-based access to the central system.

The solutions used in the project

Document Management System

Paper documents within the workflow are replaced by electronic ones, processes are accelerated, information availability is increased, better control over operations is ensured - it is all possible with a Document Management System.

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