DOI 2012 conference

DOI (Day of Open Integration) is an IT-business conference that covers latest issues and trends in development of information technologies. Every year conference brings together wide range of IT professionals, business managers and representatives of public administration. This was 7th conference in a row, organized by KING ICT in partnership with Banka magazine.

This year's conference titled Aware of the potential was dedicated to the ongoing process of informatization of public and private sectors.

Some of the presenters were Darko Parić (e-Croatia), Ivan Vidaković (Microsoft Croatia) and Željko Ivanković (Banka magazine). They discussed about what Croatia has missed in the technology revolution for last thirty years, what is the situation today and what needs to be done to became a modern and competitive society serving citizens.
In some European countries public sector informatization has moved far away so these processes truly changed the entire society. This was the Denmark case that was presented by Sacha Mendes da Silva, marketing expert specialized in IT industry.

More great experience came from SAP and Sapphire representatives Diana Mori and Miha Ulčar who talked about informatization process of capital city Ljubljana. Laci Tifan from Schneider presented the successful European story of energy efficiency.

Igor Javor from company mStart presented successful domestic experience with e-Invoice.
How to conduct public procurement according to new legislative provisions, was presented by Biljana Lerman from public company Croatian Railways. Zvonimir Stanić, from Carnet and Vedran Mornar, a professor from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, introduced e-Education, saying how ICT can help pupils and teachers to make it easier, faster and better to cope with their roles.
Huge attention was drawn by Demo room where KING ICT solutions were interactively presented.