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The Town of Pula introduced an information system for the transparent management of the enrolment process in kindergartens

With the introduction of the system, the manual, insecure and expensive data gathering was abolished, the work has been made simpler for the employees and parents have better insight into the whole procedure.


Kindergarten enrolment takes place centrally and electronically through the e-Kindergartens application according to the priority list, which means that parents only apply for enrolment once and it is no longer necessary to take the documents to each kindergarten separately.
The Town of Pula now has insight into all the data in real time, thus enabling the generation of reports according to various criteria.


The IT System is connected with the system of the Ministry of the Interior, which enables automatic and free checking of the OIB number and residence data for children and parents.
The System is based on Microsoft technology; the solution uses a SQL database and protected web service for connecting with the system of the Ministry of the Interior.

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