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Education based on modern principles of learning

e-learning is a concept of education that includes the help of information technologies and systems for managing e-learning (LMS - Learning Management System) as well as specially designed educational materials called e-content.


e-learning allows the training of a larger number of employees at the same time in various locations and offers the possibility of customised training at a selected time of day without absence from the workplace.
e-learning enables multimedia presentation of the material, animated examples and audio-visual simulation, allowing for better understanding and memorisation.


KING ICT offers e-learning supported by an in-house developed system called LMS Mentor®, which allows the distribution of digital educational content and the organization of computer assisted teaching and learning. LMS Mentor® provides students with access to e-content, enables communication with lecturers and other students, provides knowledge assessment and reports the results on the progress of individual employees, groups or the entire company to the management.

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