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BUSINESS PROCESSES - With the informatization of business activities to business excellence
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Is it possible to manage entire police documentation? Is there supervision of all activities? Have these activities been harmonised with the regulations and by legally stipulated procedures?

e.Police is an information system for the central management of police activities. It ensures support for the business processes of the police in the area of event processing, documentation gathering and administrative support for issuing permits and reports.


The solution enables the availability of all informations at any given time, better communication with other state and international organisations, the automation of work processes, less possibility for errors, and simplified monitoring of the law and regulations.
The e.Police system is enabling the basic course of activities, from data recording in the "Data Activity Log" through the creation of documents related to police procedures, investigstive actions, to upgrading the records. 


The e.Police system has been divided into three key segments:

  • Document management - The e.Police system possesses full document management functionality, with over 40 pre-defined documents (templates)
  • Records - The e.Police system currently has more than 35 registers on various police activities
  • Business processes - This module represents a means to automate the activities and tasks of the police and provide support in creating documents, the integration of modules and other systems.