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e.Public Procurement

Do you conduct a lot of public procurement procedures? Do you have timely access to the status of the ongoing procedures?

e.Public procurement is the solution for the controlled implementation of public procurement procedures for goods, labour or services under the Public Procurement Act. The solution covers all the prescribed elements of the procedure, from its initiation in accordance with the defined procurement plan to the conclusion of agreements. The ultimate goal of the process is the contract or framework agreement, which can be connected to the ERP system.


The solution provides an insight into the implementation of the procurement plan, gives insight into the state of the competition and allows the creation of legally prescribed reports. It enables the implementation of the procedure according to the law, the steps that need to be followed are clearly defined (audit trail), user roles are assigned as well as the versioning of documents.


e.Public procurement is part of a document management solution package developed in KING ICT on the aktivManager platform. Details on document management solutions can be found in the Document Management System.

Selected references

Informatization of Public Procurement

Croatian Railways have introduced a software solution to control all the steps and procedures in the process of public procurement

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