Education Reporting Systems – CUC 2016

KING ICT will be participating in the 18th annual CARNet Conference as a silver sponsor. As a part of the programme, a presentation on advanced education reporting systems will be held by KING ICT.

This year´s CARNet Users Conference will be held in Rovinj from 9-11 November 2016 under the title „Let us program our future“.

The presentations and accompanying events will be dealing with up-to-date approaches to teaching and innovative pedagogics with the assistance of ICT, the development of digitally mature schools, digital education culture as well as the impact of technology on education of the future. 

The presentation will be held by Mr. Kristijan Knežević, Business Development Leader, a representative of KING ICT.

The presentation by Mr. Kristijan Knežević „Education Reporting Systems“ will be handling the evolution of BI discipline since its beginnings, when focus was placed on reporting led by IT to up-to-date approach in terms of self-service BI using self-service analytics, whereas the process is managed by business users.

The presentation will explain what Microsoft Power BI is, how it operates and what it offers as well as how analytics is to be implemented at an education system level.

The presentation will be held on Friday 11th November at 12:30pm at Congress Hall 3.

More information available at CUC 2016 website.