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An information system designed for recording data on pupils, institutions, teachers and curriculums for the Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet)

A paper matrix books on the pupils and teachers in primary and secondary schools has been consigned to history. Instead of manual filling in and hours of work, eMatica has been introduced to schools.


eMatica is an application that records the data on pupils, institutions, teachers and curriculums.
The eMatica system is connected to the system of enrolment in higher educational institutions and it allows printing over 65,000 certificates a day based on the entered data on the pupil's education.


The information system eMatica consist of 6 modules: Institutions, Employees, Pupils, Curriculum, Administration and Reporting. 
The System is based on Microsoft technology; the solution uses a SQL database and a protected web service for connecting with the system of the Ministry of the Interior.

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