EMC awards KING ICT the highest partner status in Croatia

With regard to the business results achieved in 2013 and the partnership with the EMC Company so far, KING ICT Croatia has been awarded the highest partner status, EMC Solution Provider Partner - Signature.

EMC awards this status exclusively to its best partners, ICT companies that contribute their know-how and the skills of their employees in the area of the EMC technology. The high standards for obtaining this status means that EMC in a certain country has a single digit number of signature partners; in Croatia there are currently 2.

The signature partner status gives KING ICT an even stronger market reputation and recognition of the quality of work connected with EMC. It confirms that KING ICT is fully capable of meeting the users’ needs and has the necessary number of specialised and experienced professionals to carry out solutions based on the EMC technology.

With this status, KING ICT is shoulder to shoulder with the most recognised world partners of EMC technology.