Ericsson and KING ICT integrate the 112 system for the Interior Ministry

A consortium made up of the companies Ericsson Nikola Tesla and KING ICT has signed a contract with the Croatian Ministry of the Interior (MUP) for a 3-year framework agreement and procurement contract for 2019, for the integration of the system 112-192. This solution will aid MUP to optimise communications, coordination and management of emergency events, and enable rapid and immediate reaction of emergency services, including calls to the emergency numbers 112 and 192.

This agreement is valued at almost HRK 18 million (without VAT), while the procurement contract for 2019 is valued at HRK 6 million (without VAT).

After the National Protection and Rescue Service was merged into the MUP system at the start of this year, and is now the Directorate for Civil Protection, it became essential to consolidate the emergency number 112 and ePoziv (eCall) systems into the infrastructure system of the MUP operative communications centre (OKC) in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek and Varaždin, and in all other police directorates in the country.

This will create the technological foundation for accepting the location of calls to emergency numbers 112 and 192, which will ensure a rapid response. It will also ensure better cooperation between operators in the OKC and 112 centres, and support the receipt of SMS text messages to the single emergency number 112.

Over the past year, there have been almost 1.5 million calls to the 112 number, with over 27 million calls received since its inception. This shows the trust people have in the 112 system, when they find themselves in a situation that requires emergency assistance, and therefore optimisation of this system is as necessary as it is a priority.