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ERP - Base Business Processes

Business software that includes customers, suppliers and business partners in business processes

SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a solution that allows you to use all the necessary and available functionality and tools such as self-service applications, comprehensive analytics, finance, human resources management, logistics and corporate services.


The goal of the SAP ERP solution is to provide personalized interfaces, portals, mobile applications and tools that allow employees to effectively perform their tasks, and for the Management Board it provides quality information as a basis for decision making. The solution provides a "360° view" of a company, because it automates financial and management accounting as well as financial supply chain management.


KING ICT as a partner of SAP Croatia implements SAP ERP solutions that are based on the SAP NetWeaver technology. KING's team of SAP experts have implemented numerous demanding SAP projects and provided complete support for customers, from deployment to maintenance.

Selected references

SAP ERP for Croatian Railways

Croatian Railways introduced the SAP ERP system into their business in order to achieve better resource planning and management

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