Guest Appearance at Zagreb Faculty of Economics

KING ICT gave a guest lecture yesterday at the Zagreb Faculty of Economics. The lecture was attended by graduate students majoring in Marketing and was given as part of the Customer Relations Management course taught by Miroslav Mandić, PhD. Igor Andrić, KING ICT’s Microsoft CRM expert, gave a first-hand account of how CRM tools are used in business.

The lecture primarily focused on introducing students to client-oriented business practices and the potential applications of the CRM system. Managing a large conference (from applications and payment of participation fees to web integration) through different organisational phases (planning, execution, post-conference activities) was used as an example to better explain how such an approach can help save a company’s resources, reduce planning time and improve data management.

The Unified Service Desk call centre framework was also presented at the lecture as a configurable solution that makes it possible for support agents to easily access all previously collected data on the user, their purchases, complaints, calls and e-mails before proceeding to the actual call at hand. 

With customer relations being the central theme of the lecture, real first-hand experiences were certainly a welcome and beneficial addition, as demonstrated by the many questions the students had for the lecturer and their overall positive reactions.