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EMPLOYEES - Management and Human Resources Development
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A solution that supports the management of human resources

HRplus is a software solution that is easily adaptable to specific customer requirements. The solution can be easily adjusted to the various legislations of each country if your business operates in different countries, and will allow you to standardise your human resource management.
HRplus can be easily integrated with other applications within the company and can also provide various simulations and reports.


HRplus for the management of the company provides an overview of the personal data of employees (basic information, employee competences, overview of employee turnover,...), payroll and benefits according to legislation and the easier planning of absences and linking absences to payroll calculations.
Also, employees get an easier overview of personal documents, data and information related to employment within the company through a web portal, and interactive participation in the process.


KING ICT implements HRplus, an in-house-developed software solution for managing human resources.
From databases, application servers, development tools and the Employee Portal, a HRplus solution is based on the latest Oracle technologies, which KING ICT has access to as a certified Oracle partner.

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