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HRplus - Human Resources Management

The M SAN Group has implemented a software solution to support processes of Human Resource management

The HRplus solution has enabled an integrated, systematic approach and support for human resources in an extremely wide range of divisions.
By now, on the same basis and using the same unique system, all 26 companies of the M SAN Group have been included.


The solution provides the possibility to perform income calculations for all the companies in 6 countries, all from one place. Also, through the web portal, all employees can independently apply for business travel, vacation, the reimbursement of costs, etc.
The implementation of the system included the installation of the following modules: Core module, Time management, Payroll and benefits calculation, Documents and Web Portal.


The HRplus software solution for human resource management is developed within the KING ICT and based on Oracle technology.
The HRplus solution integrates with applications that the company already uses, and allows various simulations and reports.

The solutions used in the project


HRplus is a software solution that is easily adaptable to specific customer requirements. The solution can be easily adjusted to the various legislations of each country if your business operates in different countries, and will allow you to standardise your human resource management. HRplus can be …

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