HŽ Infrastruktura implements asset management system

HŽ Infrastruktura launched a large-scale project of implementing an integrated Asset Management system, which is already being used by similar European companies in order to modernise its operations and bring the company up to speed in its area of operations.

The system will enable HŽ Infrastruktura better and more efficient asset management and maintenance by offering various options, some of which include stock management and the reduction of unnecessary and exhausted stocks, supply and buying plan optimisation, a precise and accurate inventory log, work order management and the preventive maintenance and monitoring of all railroad infrastructure components.  By quickly accessing all relevant data, the system will allow more efficient planning and in-depth reports at any given moment.

The project was presented in Zagreb to representatives and members of the project teams of the client and suppliers as well as all other participants in this large scale project on Thursday, July 2nd.
The expected life cycle of the project is 24 months and the supplier is a consortium helmed by KING ICT and B4B.

HŽ Infrastruktura board member Ivan Vuković, MSc, summarised the main objective of the project at the presentation:
With this project HŽ Infrastruktura ventures into the future. By implementing this modern tool, we wish to modernise our operations and have a precise overview of our assets, which will allow us better management and maintenance.”

Processes included in the integrated asset management computer system

The system enables management and maintenance of HŽ Infrastruktura's assets and public goods, including continuous monitoring, maintenance scheduling, malfunction reporting, the overall monitoring of the railroad infrastructure and GIS subsystem connections. A very important and useful system option is the ability to enable fieldwork through mobile devices.

How will system implementation affect the business results of HŽ Infrastruktura?

The implementation of the asset management system will not only modernise our operations, but will also have a direct influence on the company's business results.

The improvement of working processes and a higher level of work task management and maintenance organisation will increase the availability of railroad infrastructure.
Improving infrastructure monitoring will also increase security.
Better supply management and optimisation will reduce operating costs and the increased transparency achieved by implementing a unified system will allow us a detailed monitoring of asset and resource costs.

Description of the Enterprise Asset Management solutions

EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) solutions  enables an organisation to manage the entire cycle of corporeal asset maintenance successfully  and sustainably  in terms of performance, risk and cost management in accordance with the PAS 55/ISO-NP 55000 practices of good asset management.

As part of the project, HŽ Infrastruktura will implement a solution for the management of linear asset maintenance, work distribution and real estate management; solutions for measurement vehicle integration and decision support in the planning of railroad infrastructure maintenance; solutions for incident reporting, infrastructure monitoring and technical documentation management.

The system will be closely integrated with the existing HŽ systems for remote control and monitoring, the GIS system and the new contact centre.

About the project supplier

The supplier of this complex project is a consortium helmed by KING ICT in partnership with B4B. The project is a continuation of HŽ Infrastruktura's collaboration with the aforementioned companies, following the implementation of the SAP ERP system at the erstwhile HŽ holding.

The finalisation of the SAP ERP system implementation at the erstwhile HŽ holding is the best example of our competence. The implemented system forms the technological backbone that will be upgraded with the asset management system. The successful realisation of the aforementioned project guaranteed the client that we would handle this new and complex project just as well.” KING ICT board member Ivan Ivković said during the presentation.