HŽ Passenger Transport has a new sales system

A new integrated system for ticket sales and reservations will be implemented in HŽ Passenger Transport within 18 months. The management of HŽ Passenger Transport have signed a contract with a select community of bidders comprising the companies Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH from Germany, KING ICT d.o.o. from Zagreb, and Četrta pot d.o.o. from Slovenia. The total investment amounts to 43.3 million Kuna.

The new system includes the introduction of a centralised system for ticket sales, available for online ticket sales 24/7 via the HŽ Passenger Transport internet portal, as well as a smartphone application free for users to download.

Furthermore, ticket sales will also be introduced via fixed ticket vending machines. These cashless vending machines will allow users the independent purchasing of tickets via credit card at any time. Another sales channel is also to be introduced – conductors will use 580 mobile terminals for ticket control and sales. In addition, the current ticket sales system will be modernised by using fixed vending machines at ticket booths, and 150 thousand new smart cards will replace the existing identification cards for monthly, multi-monthly, and yearly tickets.