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The Payment Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development has introduced an information system that controls and monitors support for agriculture

Adjustments in agriculture play a major role in Croatia's accession to the EU and the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy.


An integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) contains real data on the agricultural land situation and support payments. This data not only serves for administrative purposes but also for performing analyses that help shape and implement agricultural policy. EU members use IACS to administer, monitor and control supports in agriculture, including direct payments and implement rural development measures related to agricultural areas.


The implementation of the system included the development of a software solution and the integration of financial modules for executing payments and providing reports to the EU bodies.
The project, which was financed by EU IPA funds, undertook a revision and improvement of business processes related to support and training for more than 600 workers and 800 farmers.

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