Projects through industries

Intuitive Ticket Booking Software

An intuitive solution that brings speed and functionality to the ticket booking process

Software Solution for Emergency Phone Support

Enhanced speed and quality of Emergency Line 112

The Interoperability System

The fast and reliable exchange of information between national authorities is a starting point for the effective performance of their duties and responsibilities.

DMS in Macedonia's Public Administration

Improving the operational efficiency of public administration institutions and improving the quality of services provided to citizens and the private sector

Tracking of the marketing activity results

Precise and fast insight into the influence of marketing activities on the attendance rate of retail stores

Efficient and Economical Energy Use

More efficient energy management and the reduction of costs

SAP ERP for Croatian Railways

Croatian Railways introduced the SAP ERP system into their business in order to achieve better resource planning and management


The Payment Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development has introduced an information system that controls and monitors support for agriculture

Data Centre for a TV Station

Building a data centre for the Al Jazeera Balkans TV station

Modern Public Transportation Payment

The Zagreb Municipal Transit System (ZET) implemented software that enables "smarter" traffic management, better control of sales and recharging of passenger tickets

Application to Higher Education Institutions

A central IT administrative system for enrolment in higher education institutions in Croatia developed for The Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and The National Centre for the External Evaluation of Education


The Town of Pula introduced an information system for the transparent management of the enrolment process in kindergartens


The Payment Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development has implemented a system that identifies the real agricultural land use situation based on orthophotographs


An information system designed for recording data on pupils, institutions, teachers and curriculums for the Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet)

Informatization of Public Procurement

Croatian Railways have introduced a software solution to control all the steps and procedures in the process of public procurement

Field Service Management

The Croatian Automobile Club (CAC) introduced a software solution for call centre management and coordination with field employees

HRplus - Human Resources Management

The M SAN Group has implemented a software solution to support processes of Human Resource management