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Informatization of Public Procurement

Croatian Railways have introduced a software solution to control all the steps and procedures in the process of public procurement

The solution covers the process from its initiation in accordance with a defined procurement plan up to contracting, and allows access to all the data during each step of the public procurement process.


Croatian Railways have drastically improved the existing method of conducting public procurement procedures. The solution provides information on the workflow, prices, the duration of each procurement, the documents necessary to complete each case of public procurement and explanations on the selection and rejection of the bids.


The informatization of the public procurement process is based on a Document Management System (DMS) software solution. The solution is developed on the aktivManager platform, within KING ICT.

The solutions used in the project

e.Public Procurement

e.Public procurement is the solution for the controlled implementation of public procurement procedures for goods, labour or services under the Public Procurement Act. The solution covers all the prescribed elements of the procedure, from its initiation in accordance with the defined procurement …

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