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Intuitive Ticket Booking Software

An intuitive solution that brings speed and functionality to the ticket booking process

The Internet has become the main commerce channel. It made the whole buying process easier, more transparent and intuitive. Those were our main goals while developing this solution for Croatian Railways Passenger Transports which has enabled ticket booking and buying online, on a website or a smartphone. Thanks to our solution, Croatian Railways Passenger Transport modernized it's business and made the whole booking process easier. 


Not only users can book a ticket online, they can buy one using official contactless ticket-printing machines using their credit cards or Croatian Railways Smart Cards which have replaced the old paper ones. The project brought a new level of service quality for the end user but also better control over revenue for the client. 


Our solution is based on five sale channels: POS cash registers and mobile terminals, Ticket vending machines as well the web and smartphone sales. The system is integrated with other solutions such as CRM, SAP ERP, BI solution for analytics and integration with the EPA system for international ticket sales. Also, a firewall has been implemented as well, vulnerability prevention system (IPS) and network traffic control system.