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IS Cargo

Information System for Rail Cargo Transport

IS CARGO is an information system for the central management of cargo transport. It provides support for the business processes of modern railway carriers: orders and billing management, planning necessary resources, international transport monitoring, optimisation of the management and dispatch of empty wagons, improved asset management.


The system enables the easier unwinding of financial and administrative processes.
An implemented IS CARGO system enables a paperless transit procedure based on electronic messages to customs (NCTS system), while compliance with international regulations on the exchange of information with other UIC members (International Union of Railways) is greatly facilitated.


An IS CARGO solution, implemented by KING ICT, is an integrated system consisting of the following elements:
  • Rail Cargo System (RCS) - Order, Planning and production, Administration
  • SAP - Finance and Contracts and customers tariffs
  • New Computerised Transit System (NCTS)
  • eCargo web portal
  • Archive (DMS)