KING ICT’s Dario Jagačić at the conference of Zaštita

The conference entitled “Challenges in the protection of industry and infrastructure”, organised by Zaštita, was held at Zagreb’s Westin Hotel. This conference brings together experts from Southeast Europe, who share their experiences and practice in the development of contemporary solutions that are applicable in the protection of critical infrastructure.

As technology develops and processes become faster, the challenges in protecting industry and infrastructure also grow.

KING ICT’s specialist for network and security solutions, Dario Jagačić, held a lecture entitled “Security of critical infrastructure – industrial management systems,” stressing the importance of security system for protection from cyber-attacks.

Industrial management systems enable the effective collection, monitoring and analysis of data, and automation of production and industrial processes. Therefore, it is essential that these systems are protected. “The protection of industrial management systems cannot be left to just any security solution. The stakes are too high to consider whether we need to raise the level of security for industrial network,” concluded Dario.