KING ICT, a partner of the Science Picnic

This year's Science Picnic took place on 15th September at Boćarski dom park in Zagreb. KING ICT, as a partner of the picnic and sponsor of promoters of science from Estonia's AHAA science centre, has once again made a contribution to scientific promotion.

The Science Picnic is an event that promotes science in a fun way and teaches participants about interesting scientific facts.

How do things work? How can we walk on water? How do you create music using science? How do we burn calories? How do batteries work? These are just some of the questions answered by 200 speakers and educators from 10 countries around the world.
While the main stage was lined up with science and theatre shows – such as the monodrama by scientist Marko Košiček about accidental scientific discoveries among others – there were also more than 20 stands with a wide range of workshops, lectures and experiments so everyone who was interested could join in. The youngest created a Positive Energy Field, which they filled with windmills they made themselves with the help of teachers and students of the School of Applied Arts and Design.

The Ministry of Science, Education and Sports proclaimed the Science Picnic one of the most innovative projects aimed at promoting science.

Through its various activities, the company KING ICT has already established itself as an active promoter of science and education.  Members of ZEZ (Science Edutainment Centre Zagreb) gave a lecture at this year's KING's annual Open Integrations Day conference, and last year the company invited students of the Matematičko Informatički Obrazovni Centar to visit the OID conference.

It is KING ICT's intention to provide further support for thriving projects involving science and education and to encourage young people to gain precious knowledge.