KING ICT adapts its operations due to exceptional circumstances

The exceptional circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken on global proportions have not bypassed the IT industry, and its importance is becoming more evident than ever before. We are well aware of this at KING ICT, which is why we are taking all measures to align our operations with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation, Croatian Government, Croatian Public Health Institute and Crisis Staff, all with the aim of protecting the health of our staff and reducing the risk of spreading the virus, while securing ongoing operations.

On 12 March 2020, our crisis management team passed a decision to instate special rules of conduct in business communications until further notice. These new rules included: Encouraging increased hygiene, with emphasis on regular and thorough hand-washing, installation of disinfection liquids in all company areas, encouraging online meetings instead of face to face meetings, encouraging staff to inform us immediately of any symptoms they have, or possible contact with infected persons, cancelling all non-essential meetings and travel, cancelling the KING ICT Open Integration Day conference.

Following the appearance of a larger number of Covid-19 cases in Zagreb, where our company is seated, a decision was passed allowing all staff to work from home, as permitted by the nature of their work. For those employees who cannot work from home, we ensured their safe working conditions, including a low concentration of people on site and the recommended distance between persons in the same room. The use of protective masks and disinfectants has been in place within the premises for a longer period of time.

For the time being, all partner and other conferences have been postponed. Instead of live meetings, we are holding online meetings, to reduce physical interaction with clients, partners and vendors to the greatest extent possible. Additional authorisation is required for local or international travel, and we will actively support any requests for isolation, regardless of whether such a request is made by an individual or employee, or whether they are measures prescribed by the Croatian government.

We are aware that KING ICT maintains important IT systems that must function without interruption. Therefore, we have ensured that our operations and company projects are unfolding without difficulty, to the satisfaction of our users. Our data centres and critical infrastructure are fully functional, and we pride ourselves on our strong operations continuity programme, which focuses on protecting the health, security and efficacy of our staff, clients and partners.