KING ICT at "Medical Informatics 2013" symposium

The symposium "Medical Informatics 2013" is being held in Dubrovnik from the 7th to the 9th, November 2013. M.Sc. Siniša Kezić from KING ICT will participate as one of the invited lecturers.

This symposium is the eleventh gathering of experts in the field of medical informatics, organised by the Croatian Society for Medical Informatics.

Mr. Kezić will give a lecture entitled „Testing the serviceability of hospital information systems“, based on the paper, created in cooperation with Prim.Dr.Sc. Ranko Stevanović from Croatian National Institute of Public Health.

Hospital information systems are an essential element of a hospital’s operations. The quality of the service, and increasingly the competitiveness of the healthcare facility, depends on their performance in a real environment. The lecture will address the questions of how to test the usability of software solutions designed for healthcare, and what are the guidelines for its development in order to raise its quality while simultaneously complying with the relevant ISO standards.

 The symposiums organised by the Croatian Society for Medical Informatics are aimed at experts in the field of healthcare and information technology, experts in the field of healthcare and health insurance, health planners, and administrators, as well as researchers and teachers in the field of medical informatics. By participating at the symposium "Medical Informatics 2013", KING ICT reaffirms that in its ranks it has employees who possess knowledge of this specialised area.