KING ICT at the Microsoft WinDays 2014

The 14th Microsoft WinDays will be held in Umag from 7 do 10 April 2014. The conference presents the latest news from the world of technology and business bringing together more than 1500 participants.
This is another year of KING ICT's participation at the conference as a sponsor.

At this year's conference experts from KING ICT will give four lectures. We present solutions developed by KING ICT and based on Microsoft technologies; we share experiences related to the realisation of particularly challenging projects and as part of the everlastingly interesting topic of the employee-manager relationship we deal with the issue of business success in the digital world.

Visit us at the conference WinDays 2014 and hear what our experts have to say.

Schedule and summaries of lectures by KING ICT's experts:

 Good or necessary knowledge on CRM2013: novelties in adaptation and expansion of the platform
Siniša Kezić / Monday, 13:05 – 13:50, hall Coral 4

The new Dynamics CRM version brings a plethora of novelties not only in the user interface, but also in the areas of configuration, adaptation and expansion of solutions whereby the presentation will focus on the most important of the above noting advantages and disadvantages of new features. For example, you are interested in new data types, how to set up a form of information from another entity, what is new in tools for defining business processes? If your answer to any of this is 'yes', then this is the lecture for you. But we're not stopping there! The icing on the cake is the presentation of the new "Workflow, Real-Time Workflow". More…

CRM 101 - beginners guide to CRM systems
Ivica Ivančić / Monday, 14:10 – 14:55, hall Coral 4

Our company does not have the CRM that everyone is talking about and we are not sure if we even need the system? What are we getting by implementing this system, what will we use it for, and finally what can I expect and how much will it cost? The lecture will portray the Dynamics CRM 2013 system from the viewpoint of the end user who uses an Outlook, web or mobile interface, then the use scenarios in business situations, integration with other system as well as reporting possibilities of the system. More…

The missing link – Power View for multidimensional models
Josip Nadih / Monday, 10:35 – 11:20, hall Coral 3

Power View is a self-service BI tool for data visualisation intended for business users. Its first version appeared on the SharePoint platform with support for the then tabular data model accompanied by a large number of limitations casting a shadow of doubt on its usability. After the appearance of the Excel version introducing a completely new series of improvements (hierarchies, KPI, geographical maps...), only one issue I remember from the Windays 2012 lecture remains to be solved: "Is there support for OLAP?" Now the answer is: "Yes!". The lecture will demonstrate the possibilities of Power View in working with multidimensional data, including measure groups, hierarchies, calculations, etc., which largely expands its scope of application. More…

What is so challenging in challenging projects?
Ivica Ivančić and Siniša Kezić / Monday, 16:10 – 16:55, hall Coral 6

The lecture will present experiences and practices in challenging project situations requiring the adaptation of organisation. Every day we face changes in recommendations and guidelines of different project methodologies that need to be applied in order to reach standard goals in the form of delivery of a functional project within the set deadline and budget. Particular attention will be paid to achieving additional goals: acceptability of solutions from the users' viewpoint and calculation of the success of implementation. Along with examples of successful situations, we will present the most frequent reasons of failure in project realisation to which special attention should be devoted both in sales and performance. More…