KING ICT completed large security project at Pristina Airport

As part of a public-private partnership (PPP) project between the Kosovo government and the Turkish-French consortium Limak - Aeroports de Lyon, a new terminal is being built at the international airport in Pristina that will meet the highest EU security criteria.

KING ICT successfully completed installation of an Explosive Detection System for the New International Terminal Building in Pristina International Airport, Adem Jashari, in the Republic of Kosovo.

The construction of a new terminal, worth EUR 120 million, is part of the public-private partnership contract between the government of the Republic of Kosovo, and the Turkish-French consortium Limak - Aeroports de Lyon.

The contract stipulates that the airport be managed and run by the consortium under a 20 year concession, from April 2011. Limak Constructions has been entrusted with the construction of a new terminal, which has been commissioned as of October 2013.

With the opening of the New Terminal Building, Pristina Airport has one of the largest passenger capacities in the region; it is planned that by 2030 four million passengers will pass through the airport, per annum.

The airport is equipped with the most advanced technology and the new terminal complies with the strictest security criteria established by EU regulators.  

KING ICT implemented Explosive Detection System for the Baggage Hold

KING ICT implemented an automated Explosive Detection System (EDS) for baggage handed over at the check in counters. The system is integrated with the Baggage Handling System.

KING ICT, as a regional partner, appears in this project together with L-3 Communications, a leading world manufacturer of automated EDS systems that meets the highest world regulator security standards. L-3 Communications has installed more than 2,000 EDS systems.

Besides that already mentioned, KING ICT has also delivered a redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply system, Active and Passive Network Infrastructure, servers, and workstations. This is a complex and robust system that will ensure reliable airport business operation in the demanding conditions of a 24 hour operational environment.

The project at an international level

KING ICT is an established partner of Pristina International Airport, and already has references in similar implementations; KING ICT was responsible for work done in the old airport terminal in 2010.

KING ICT’s professionals communicated daily with the other international subcontractors, whose systems are integrated with - and rely upon - KING’s systems. Moreover, in this project, the local expertise of experts from the KING Kosovo office was utilised, with the support of the KING Zagreb engineering team. Support and maintenance will be provided by experts from KING’s office in Kosovo.