KING ICT has won the award for software solution with highest business value

At Microsoft WinDays12 conference, KING ICT received the award for solution of the year, based on Microsoft technologies, which brings maximum business value. It is KING's software solution for managing call center and coordination with field workers in Croatian Automobile Club.

Solution has achieved the main goal of HAK which is fast and efficient help when accident on road happens, or vehicle is damaged, but it has also brought many benefits such as reliable and accurate reporting, better control of own resources, cost reduction and effective control of contracting parties.

By using GPS/GPRS technology, call center agent is able to see available technician who is closest to the place of accident, and forward all needed information for intervention.
Each intervention is recorded in the system, so information flow between employees has been accelerated. Because of efficient distribution of information, employees can reliably tell to their customers when exactly the help will arrive.

PROJECT SCOPE (scope of project)

  • software solution development for call center management and coordination of field workers. Including supporting processes at the road for HAK members, owners of new vehicles under mobile warranty, members of the International automobile clubs, and all other road users
  • development of specialized portals for sharing information with automobile clubs, contractors and other associations
  • integration with map system that allows display of current vehicle positions (location of interventions, history of vehicle movement, etc.), and the most accurate representation of vehicle route plan

The project leader is company KING ICT in collaboration with other Croatian partners.  Project started in October 2010. and lasted till December 2011.