KING ICT implements a system for sales planning and sales process management for DOK-ING

DOK-ING is a Croatian company with subsidiaries in the United States and South Africa. The company specializes in the production of robotic systems and special-purpose equipment – demining vehicles, mine machinery and robotic fire extinguishing devices. Recent years were highlighted by the addition of an electric car to their portfolio.

DOK-ING is introducing a sales planning and sales process management process with the aim of business improvement, primarily the sales process.

In March of this year, KING ICT completed, in record time, the first system implementation phase, which is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology. The first business benefits were reported by users in the first days of use.

The basic characteristics of the CRM system

Sales process management within the CRM system entails systematic data management for sales activities, users, opportunities, the competition and products – i.e. all aspects of business monitored in sales. The system enables reporting on various aspects of customer relations, which frees up time for the head of sales to spend on sales activity management, instead of wasting time creating reports from the various tables belonging to members of the sales team.

The results of using the implemented systems are observable just 3 months later

As early as the first few days of implementation, DOK-ING already observed the first business benefits of using the system. Primarily, this pertains to sales business monitoring and real-time business activity reports. In addition, the implementation of the system has allowed DOK-ING to achieve the following:

  • the centralization of all relevant user data to a single location
  • the monitoring of sales opportunities and their realisation
  • the monitoring of sales activity success by client and salesperson
  • user segmentation by various criteria
  • reporting implemented as parameterised reports by products and programs, plan realisation reports
  • Another important proof of competence in CRM system implementation


The system for sales planning and sales process management implemented by KING ICT for the company DOK-ING is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This project is yet another proof of competence for KING ICT in CRM system implementation in Croatia. In particular, the KING ICT implementation of the CRM system for the Croatian Auto Club was awarded software solution of the year by Microsoft at Microsoft WinDays 2012.