KING ICT in 2017: It's all about software, awards and partnerships

KING ICT’s eleventh year in B&H has been marked by large projects and awards.

Amongst the most significant projects is certainly the e-Services project that connects 14 institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is the most complicated project in B&H so far, that contributes to the digital transformation of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian society. Pilot services and functions will provide citizens and legal persons with a faster and simpler access to information, and facilitate more transparent procedures for public administration. The implementation of the project lasted 15 months, and over 100 experts participated in its execution.

The implementation of a new data center for the B&H High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina also relies on e-Services project. And an Incentive Pay System was also released in the Federation. 

KING ICT: partner of the year

In the competition among Microsoft partners who deliver leading Microsoft-based customer solutions, KING ICT was recognized a Microsoft's Partner of the Year for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Each year, Microsoft awards top partners in numerous categories on a global and national level, and this year more than 2,800 entrants from 115 countries participated in the selection.

KING ICT has, also, won the Hewlett Packard Enterprise GOLD Server Specialist status. The company is the first and only the only one with such status in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the moment. KING ICT in Bosnia and Herzegovina is also the holder of Silver Storage Specialist status.


We have replaced and migrated the entire IT infrastructure for Alkaloid in Macedonia. The realization of the project lasted six months. KING's experts have replaced the existing structure with a modern platform that combines traditional server with new cloud technologies.


Research and development is a very important component in KING ICT. We want to provide our experts with an environment that encourages their creativity and the desire to create solutions that meet the needs of our users. One such solution is the HRplus - HRM solution to support quality human resource management, awarded this year the 'Croatian Creation' label. The label is awarded to products and services in Croatia that has been created as results of innovations, development, and research of Croatian companies or individuals.

Currently, HRplus is used by numerous companies from Croatia and the region, including Croatia Insurance Company, Croatian Postal Bank (HPB), Nova TV, JANAF, MSAN Group and many others.


The software has become the fuel of a new digital economy, and developers have become members of the innovation society. The change was visible at this year's second edition of our Change Conference that gathered 400 experts from the IT world. International speakers, 27 sessions, and a sold-out conference confirmed the role of Change as an event that connects IT industry members from different sectors, regardless of their role, programming language or company. This year's Change was focused on micro-services, cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, and the opening of the third track was right on target thanks to speakers from Google, Oracle, PayPal, and Microsoft.

Encouraged by the success of the second Change, in 2018 we will launch a new project that will bring together young talented developers who crave challenges. The project - Change Code hackathon – will task the participants to develop a specific application in 24 hours. The Change Code will be opened to all university and vocational university students in Croatia.


Besides a wide range of donation projects, in 2017 we have established partnerships with a number of associations and educational institutions, and have participated in organizing events that encourage inclusive society.

‘Experience is the best teacher’

One such project is ‘Experience is the best teacher’. The project brings together employers and students of lower economic status and those with some form of disability, in order to provide them with the opportunity of gaining practical knowledge that should ease the process of their future employment. Participation in this project is of particular importance for KING ICT because we want to encourage the employment of people with disabilities and to raise awareness of the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Collaboration with Faculties

In 2017 we are strengthening cooperation with student associations and faculties. Our specialists have held a series of guest lectures at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin, VERN and many others. We have sponsored events such as Scientific Picnic organized by Professor Balthazar Association, CARNet, and Ruđer Bošković Institute, we participated in the Career Week at FOI and Job Fair at FER. We have opened our door and organized visits for students and pupils to KING ICT in Buzin, where they were introduced to all our sectors.

We motivate young and talented people, encourage them in their endeavors to develop and steer themselves to what they like. We have organized Code Challenge 2017- a competition in solving smaller problem tasks in limited time, in popular programming languages - with TVZ (Zagreb University of Applied Sciences). We have, also, sponsored the journey of our young robot scientists Ivana and Lucija Janjić, known as Cro Twins, to Japan, where they have achieved an excellent result in programming robots for rescuing injured people.