KING ICT's project, the e-Matica system, has shown its true value and is developing further

At the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, a press conference was held at which the minister of education, Željko Jovanović, and the director of CARNet, Zvonimir Stanić, informed the public about important steps and successes in the functioning of the e-Matica, a system developed by KING ICT's experts.

This year, all the student reports were printed on time, and for the first time school reports for students from class 1 to class 4 of primary school were printed as well. All the improvements were achieved with the minimum investment and in the very short period of time of six months. This year, for the first time, a huge task was successfully performed without any difficulties, minister Jovanović emphasized.

Until now, nine million HRK have been invested in the e-Matica project. However, the system functioned with difficulties. Moreover, e-Matica was without contracted maintenance from December 2009 when the last contract with the system's author, the company KING ICT, expired and up to 1 May 2012 when the e-Matica was taken over by CARNet. In the past several months, observed problems were removed and the system has been upgraded with the support of KING ICT's experts.

The e-Matica system has been physically moved to the existing CARNet infrastructure; the data is now stored at two independent locations and a 24-hour supervision system was introduced as well as a security check. A comprehensive user support system has been established through electronic mail, pone, fax and skype. In the autumn, teacher education on the new functionalities of e-Matica will start.

Of the novelties that the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports plans to implement starting this autumn, one should particularly emphasize the e-Dnevnik and the electronic enrolment into secondary schools. This autumn, the e-Dnevnik will be introduced in an additional 30 schools. This is a web application for keeping the class book in an electronic form that has proved successful in three experimental classes.

As far as the enrolment into secondary schools is concerned, the national information system for student enrolment into secondary schools will be integrated into the e-Matica system, thus significantly simplifying the enrolment procedure according to almost the same principle as the one functioning for the enrolment at the universities.

It is also envisaged that the professional training information system (VETIS) will be integrated into the e-Matica and the CARNet's hosting service system for secondary and primary schools. Cooperation will be established with institutions that carry out transportation within cities and counties in order to simplify the document delivery procedure.

As the author of the system, KING ICT emphasizes with great pleasure that after the steps that the Ministry of Education has undertaken in the past months and with all its planned improvements, e-Matica will prove an extraordinarily valuable tool for everyone involved in the education system, just as it was envisaged and planned.