KING ICT to participate in the 7th International Railway Conference

The 7th International Railway Conference will take place on Tuesday, 4 October 2016, in the hall of the Croatian Chamber of Economy at Rooseveltov trg 2 in Zagreb. The Conference is organized by the Croatian Society of Railway engineers.

The goal of this year's Conference is to present the latest technologies and technical solutions for infrastructure subsystems and railway operators. An important function of the Conference is to serve as a place for the exchange of new ideas and experiences, in order to strengthen the development of the national and regional railway system and its integration into the modern European railway network. 

In accordance with the basic theme of the Conference – the application of advanced technologies and innovations in railways – a representative of KING ICT, Ivan Bošnjak, and a representative of HŽ Putnički prijevoz (Croatian Railways Passenger Transport), Tomislav Šabić, will present the project of implementing a new system of ticket sales for HŽ Putnički prijevoz to the conference participants.

The topic of the lecture:
HŽ Putnički prijevoz, the company handling all ticket sales for passenger railway transport, has introduced new, modernized methods of selling tickets. In addition to box offices, tickets for train travel can now be booked and bought online - through the HŽ Putnički prijevoz website and with your smartphone. The existing way of selling tickets at ticket offices is also modernized by introducing so-called “stable terminals”.
Cashless vending machines will also be used for selling tickets in the near future, using the card payment method for the purchase of tickets, while the existing paper cards for monthly, multi-month and annual tickets will be replaced by smart cards.
All of these new sales channels are based on a new system for sales and bookings, which is implemented by KING ICT for HŽ Putnički prijevoz.