We won Microsoft's ‘Partner of The Year’ award

KING ICT won Microsoft’s ‘Partner of the Year’ award in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the year 2017 among strong competition of the company’s partners that provide leading solutions based on Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft recognizes its partners each year, both globally and locally, awarding titles in various categories. This year, the awards were granted to top companies among more than 2,800 participants from 115 countries.

The ‘Partner of the Year’ award granted to KING ICT is a direct recognition of KING’s intimate knowledge and expertise in the application of Microsoft technologies and solutions. The general manager of KING ICT Bosnia & Herzegovina, Adis Pobrić, reiterated that KING ICT’s strategy is to help users in creating custom solutions specifically tailored to their business needs and challenges, by employing Microsoft technologies. “We are thrilled that Microsoft recognized our effort and our continual investment in building our knowledge and competences portfolio. This award proves that recognition”, said Pobrić.

“We are honored that KING ICT received Microsoft’s ‘Partner of the Year’ award in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, said Ron Huddleston, corporate vice-president of Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner Network, adding that KING ICT proved itself as an expert and innovative partner in creating business solutions based on the Microsoft platform.

Omar Krivošija, the general manager of Microsoft Bosnia and Herzegovina, indicated that the award is a direct validation of the success in long-standing and fruitful cooperation between KING ICT’s and Microsoft’s teams in Bosnia and Hercegovina. “The product of this cooperation are innovative, best-in-class solutions that KING ICT provides to the end-users”, said Krivošija.

“Being chosen as the leading company among more than 350 Microsoft’s partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a great recognition indeed. The cloud, mobility and Big Data have become the foundation for increasing productivity and efficiency, not only in the private but also in the public sector. KING ICT winning this year’s award is a recognition of the company’s successful, long-term investment into developing its competencies and knowledge, with special emphasis on cloud and mobility and practical application of those competencies in providing real-world solutions to end-users. I want to congratulate KING ICT once more, and am looking forward to our future cooperation, especially on projects related to the digital transformation of business processes in companies operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, said Krivošija.