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Modern Public Transportation Payment

The Zagreb Municipal Transit System (ZET) implemented software that enables "smarter" traffic management, better control of sales and recharging of passenger tickets

For electronic payment for transportation, passengers use contactless chip cards that can be prepaid or value transportation tickets. What used to be paper season tickets are now a prepaid card with a chip that stores necessary information about the passenger.


Through the implementation of a digital public transportation recharging system, ZET got better control over their operations. ZET now has accurate information about: the number of sold prepaid cards, the number of passengers in vehicles, and the number of tickets checked in each vehicle. Also, the solution allows ZET better management of the entire process and the number of vehicles in everyday traffic.


Electronic payment for transportation is based on the prepaid or value transportation tickets. Instead of a paper season ticket, a prepaid chip card is used that stores all the necessary information about the user.
The implemented solution included networking for more than 600 ZET transportation vehicles into a single system, the construction and equipment of a data centre as well as ZET points of sale, and also the education of more than 230 ZET employees.