Motorola Solutions Expands Croatian Public Safety Digital Radio Network

Motorola Solutions’ partners KING ICT and MICRO-LINK have been awarded the latest tender of the Croatian Ministry of the Interior to expand coverage of the nationwide MUPnet TETRA network and integrate the public safety organisations of the Civil Protection into the nationwide TETRA digital two-way radio system.

Motorola Solutions will supply TETRA digital radio technology for this project. The two experienced partners KING ICT and MICRO-LINK will contribute their services and third-party equipment.

Within the framework of the contract, Motorola Solutions provides network and subscriber equipment expansions for the existing Croatian TETRA digital two-way radio network MUPnet, meeting the demands of the Croatian Civil Protection organisations. With the extension, the Croation Civil Protection Directorate, who manages operational forces like the fire brigades, as well as rescue and 112 services, will become one of the integral key user group organisations of the radio network and will be able to seamlessly cooperate in the field and in the case of need.

“Since the beginning of our partnership in 2000, we have been providing the Croatian public safety organisations and agencies with future-leading mission-critical communications solutions based on the proven TETRA standard,” said Michael Kaae, regional vice president Europe Motorola Solutions. “By modernising and expanding the MUPnet network, the subscribers will receive access to the latest functionalities and benefit from the maximum availability of the network in the years to come.”

Motorola Solutions is a longstanding trusted partner for public safety organisations in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, as well as the Baltic states, that are facing specific requirements for their mission-critical operations due to their geopolitical location. For decades, Motorola Solutions has been providing many countries with radio solutions including public safety organisations in Croatia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Romania.