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Application to Higher Education Institutions

A central IT administrative system for enrolment in higher education institutions in Croatia developed for The Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and The National Centre for the External Evaluation of Education

Two major things in education happened in Croatia in 2009. - the State Graduation Exam was introduced and the process of applying for the State Graduation Exams and to higher education institutions was computerised.


The National IT System for Application to Higher Education can be accessed through the web site
All information and results are processed electronically so that, during these moments of such great importance for their future, every young person can count on a clear set of rules that apply equally to everyone.


IT-administrative system for enrolment in higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia was developed in cooperation with partners using Microsoft technologies.
The solution uses Microsoft SQL Server database management, and web applications made using .NET technology, which are executed on a web farm that is shared with other systems of national importance.

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