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INFRASTRUCTURE - Optimization of IT resources
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Network Solutions

High throughput quality, stability and data security characterize networks with exceptional performance.

The communication between all the business applications in a company relies on the performance of the network. Apart from high-quality throughput and network stability for conducting business without obstruction, the security of business data flowing through this network is extremely important.


Savings in corporate communications - Network solutions enable significant savings in corporate communication by introducing IP telephony and by linking geographically remote parts of the organisation via VPN.
Network security - based on the implementation of certified methodologies, best industry practices and high technology.


The certified experts at KING ICT develop and implement complex network and security solutions based on the technologies of renowned manufacturers:
  • Cisco - network and security solutions
  • Juniper Networks - network and security solutions
  • Hewlett-Packard - network solutions
  • Allied Telesis - network solutions
  • D-Link - network solutions
  • F5 - Application Delivery Network and security solutions