Be part of our 13th edition of Open Integrations Day Conference

New Edition of Open Integrations Day

Digitization of the industry and unexpected market movements change the established business rules. The new rules require a new approach. The 13th edition of the Open Integrations Day will be held on March 22, 2018, at Hotel Antunović in Zagreb, starting 9:30 am.

This year we will talk about the ideas that build a successful digital society. The Digital Agenda proposes a number of solutions in the information and communication sector in order to stimulate innovation, economic growth, and progress. A unique digital market is evolving, but will Europe achieve the set goals in the areas of interoperability, network security or the promotion of digital literacy?

Digitization of the industry can annually bring more than 110 billion euros to the European Union in additional revenue. The European Commission has secured € 5 billion to establish inter-state cooperation in the process of digitization of the industry. We are investigating the procedures of defining national strategies for digitization of the industry and Croatia’s place in these processes.

The new industrial revolution brings remarkable advances in new technologies such as Big Data, blockchain technology, Internet of things, Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Prerequisite for economic development and the application of new technologies is efficient public administration. Have numerous e-services taken root in Croatia and is there room for improvement, do we have a clearly defined strategy for digitization of public administration, and what about education as a major precondition for our society's progress?

Just like in previous editions of OID, over 400 visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about successful examples of industrial digitization presented in the latest case studies, to get acquainted with innovative solutions in the Demo Room and participate in workshops that will prepare them for the challenges of the digital age. There's no entry fee, so come and join us on March 22 and be part of one of the largest business and IT conferences in Croatia.

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