At the turning point of the digital civilisation

New edition of the Open Integration Day

The 14th Open Integration Day of the company KING ICT is coming up soon and will take place on 21 March in Zagreb. In its newest edition, this business and IT conference will again bring together the business community, gathering Croatian and foreign experts together to find answers to the questions of how to connect the scientific community, industrial sector and state for the purpose of accelerating economic growth.

This concept bringing together science and innovation, based on mutual learning, communication and collaboration, is called the Triple Helix concept. Some countries, such as Germany, Sweden or Estonia have developed their economies on the basis of this model, creating their own brand, and so the question remains whether Croatia can take a similar path towards fully utilising its potential. There are a number of local examples that truly show the strength of collaboration amongst these three sectors, and which can serve as the foundation for new directions and strategies.

In recent years, we have been participants in the digital transformation of society and the economy. We are very familiar with the advantages of digitalisation, such as the increase in market share, activities of users, more effective management of human resources, improved labour conditions and increasing revenues. However, there is another side to this transformation that has caught a share of the market participants unprepared. Analysis has indicated that about 60 percent of today’s large systems will successfully carry out digital transformation. At this year’s Open Integration Day, we are looking for answers to the questions of how to resolve the challenges these large systems face during the digitalisation process, and how to build a digital infrastructure that is resistant to coming changes.

Above all, one of the key issues at this conference will be cyber security. In 2018 alone, hacker attacks caused more than EUR 80 billion in damages. Security tools are being developed, though attacks are increasingly frequent, resulting in dropping trust in the technology sector, and creating particular concern surrounding invasions of privacy. Digitalisation is demanding new ethical standards and the need for establishing new levels of user trust.

This is a joint project that pertains not only to the local or national levels, but also to the international level, and as such requires us to define the shared goals that will shift us from the zone of fragmentation to the zone of the unique and complementary. In addition to interesting lectures, in the Demo Room, the conference organisers will hold useful technology workshops and present new solutions to improve business. For more information about this conference, please visit the official website of the conference and the company KING ICT.