Ongoing successful cooperation of KING ICT in The Hague

After successfully delivering project for NATO's Agency for Communications and Information in The Netherlands, KING ICT has again been given the opportunity to prove the professionalism and competencies of its employees.

As part of its ongoing business cooperation with NATO, KING will implement high-speed network solutions and communications infrastructure at the NCIA premises in The Hague, Netherlands. Implementation will take four months, from September to December 2019, and the project is valued at just over HRK 6.4 million.

“We are very proud to be a part of the company whose expertise and employee professionalism keeps winning over the confidence of our clients. Our employees are true and highest comany quality capital. Since 2014, we have held a business security certificate, which allows us to work with classified data and conclude contracts at various classification levels with the state bodies of Croatia and institutions and bodies of the EU and NATO,” said Sendi Radić, member of the Management Board of KING ICT.

Sendi stated that the cooperation with NATO is proof that Croatian companies can compete on equal footing in international public tenders, and that this serves as motivation to create more models for association, clustering and presentation on the world scene. KING ICT is constantly working to provide its clients with even better services, and to build a technologically modern and connected future, in Croatia, Europe and the world.