Only 10 more days until the 10th KING ICT Day of Open Integrations

We invite you to attend the conference, which annually gathers more than 300 participants,managers, andBoard Members of prominent private and public companies, influential businessmen and experts, and representatives of public and state administration.  
Our keynote topic is 10 Years of Computerisation in Croatia.
We will focus on IT development, business improvement and general way of life, as well as societal functioning, thanks to ICT projects.


At the round table entitled How much has computerisation changed our lives and businesses over the past ten years and what else awaits us, representatives from various companies and sectors will discuss the biggest business challenges at this time, as well as competition and computerisation over the next ten years.
We look forward to an interesting discussion and reflection from different perspectives at the round table, hosted by Miodrag Šajatović. As an introduction to the round table, the chief editor of the business weekly magazine Lider will show the information revolution all around us as it has been experienced by a “regular user”, conservative, but still prone to accepting changes.


Behind the presentation by Dejan Ljuština, a member of the Management Board of PwC Croatia Trends in Technology in 2015 lies a number of interesting questions - what are the main changes in the ICT ecosystem, how do they impact the existing and new players in the industry? What are the new business models, potential areas for innovation, and how do investors see them?

The anniversary conference will be opened and closed by two university professors - Rector of the University of Zagreb, Professor Damir Boras, PhD, analyses the challenges and dilemmas of Croatian higher education in the clash with the market needs and financial capabilities of our society, while Professor Ivica Puljak, PhD, from the Split Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture as a motivational speaker poses an eternal, but always intriguing question: What do we know about the universe, and what do we still not know?

A special and always attractive part of the KING conference is the DEMO Room, where we will present the best solutions and projects implemented at our users’. This year it's about the eLicence, Geoportal, the smart home concept, the work of the integrated solutions for encryption, classification and prevention of data outflow, Cisco dCloud, new generation demonstration platforms.
The conference brings an interesting novelty, business and technology workshops, where visitors will be able to find out more about some of the new technologies and participate in the discussions.
Hear, see, and be informed; try out new solutions, speak your mind, find out how and where other people go and where the market is going - participants of the 10th Day of the Open Integration can do all this and that’s why for years this has been the event to go to.
We invite you to attend the conference for which you can find all the information at