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INFRASTRUCTURE - Optimization of IT resources

Optimized IT infrastructure

A reliable basis to support the delivery of existing and new products and services

An optimized IT infrastructure is safer, more dynamic and prepared to support the growth and development of the former one. It has the possibility of reducing the IT costs by increasing the efficiency of utilization of IT resources, simplifying the management of servers and applications, by improving safety and providing flexibility.


An optimised IT infrastructure enables easier adaptability to changing business conditions, less risk and faster implementation of technology initiatives, effective planning, analysis and IT development, lower hardware and utility costs for equipping the data centre, fewer interruptions in the process of providing services to customers because of better safety and availability of all systems.


Optimized IT Infrastructure solutions are intended for various companies, regardless of industry area. KING ICT offers: solutions for the consolidation of IT Infrastructure, management solutions for IT infrastructure, storage and data protection solutions, servers and system infrastructure and customer support solutions.